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Vanderbilt commit shines at 2nd Annual BDC All-State Event

10/29/2324’ HS grad IF Julio Solier (Springfield Central HS MA) shines at the 2nd Annual 2023 BDC All-State Event! Last year around this time Solier pulled up to the 1st ever BDC All-State Event uncommited and looking to make a name for himself. After being seen by the BDC National Scouting Director (Rob Nadel) Solier was connected with schools like University of Miami, Hawaii & ultimately Vanderbilt University where he committed. Scouting Director Nadel was quoted saying “this is an incredibly rare player that comes around once in a while”. Nadel, heavily researching Solier found he had success dating all the way back to the Little League World Series making a web gem play that was shown on… Nadel found countless meaningful stats on Solier which seemed to be lost files at the time considering there did not seem to be buzz about the young man Nadel felt there should be. What stood out to Nadel is Solier’s natural ability at shortstop in which he compared the young man’s playing abilities and ceiling to that of a well know MLB player, Wander Franco. Nadel was also quoted saying “Solier just can flat out hit, everywhere he goes no matter the competition he figures out how to get on base and put the ball in play away from the fielders. He’s got plus arm strength, plus speed and some serious twitch/ability throw off balance comfortably. It’s very clear he’s a natural competitor and has a very unique focus when on the diamond.” In conclusion the BDC is very happy this young man has been able to take advantage of the various opportunities that have come his way. There is a very bright future ahead for Solier!


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